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Click the video below to view an actual laser video from Candela. - Candela - Quadra Lase

The QuadraLASE by Candela is the newest fractional laser system available for successful minimally ablative laser skin resurfacing. The QuadraLASE system combines the performance of a CO₂ laser with an innovative scanning system which gives practitioners a complete solution for skin rejuvenation and skin tightening. Whether practitioners are treating wrinkles, uneven tone and texture, sun damage, acne scarring, unwanted skin tags, benign pigmented lesions, or any other facial skin ailment, the QuadraLASE can provide safe, effective results.

Fractional ablation is one of the fastest growing factions of the aesthetic market, and the QuadraLASE by Candela brings fractional ablation to a whole new level.  Fractional ablation, also known as fractional skin resurfacing, is a mildly invasive aesthetic treatment that has revolutionized skin ablation.  During the treatment, the laser device is passed over the area being treated.  Mild ablation via laser energy causes localized damage to fractions of the lower layers of skin.  This ablation causes localized damage to the skin cells in the dermis layers.  When skin damage is caused, collagen is naturally produced to help heal the injury.  By causing localized ‘injury’ to the skin, natural collagen growth is promoted and this growth helps to heal and smooth damaged skin.

Other fractional lasers do currently exist, but none can match the revolutionary technology of the Candela QuadraLASE.  The QuadraLASE system has safely and effectively diversified treatment capabilities with a single device.  By combining the proven performance of a CO₂ laser with an innovative patent pending scanning system, the QuadraSCAN; practitioners now have a total solution for skin rejuvenation.  Q-switched lasers utilizing CO technology have the capability of changing penetration depth, but that change relies only on what the physician sees.  By utilizing the QuadraSCAN technology, the laser device can automatically see what penetration depth is needed based on the severity of skin damage, and can change depths accordingly.

The QuadraLASE by Candela is uniquely engineered to fit the needs of any aspiring aesthetic practice—it does so by offering the following:

  • No Disposables – long-term operating costs are lower because there is no longer need for disposable laser tubes
  • Easily Switchable Ablation Depth - Choice of QS and QD hand pieces that provide true variable depth ablation
  • Elegant Design – This compact laser does not leave patients or practitioners with an overwhelming feeling.  It takes up less space than traditional CO₂ lasers
  • Noticeable Improvement – This advanced fractional rejuvenation laser technology provides a noticeable difference in the improvement of deeper lines and deeper scars

The QuadraLASE not only makes fractional ablation treatments safer and more effective, it also has the capabilities of creating a more uniform appearance by repairing damage at several different depths simultaneously.  By treating only a fraction of the skin at one time, the device can penetrate deeper and the skin will heal faster.  By reaching variable depths, shallow, medium and deep, the laser technology can ablate the skin on multiple levels, depending on the severity of the patients’ skin ailments. The QuadraSCAN technology also helps to reduce heat build-up in the skin which results in increased patient comfort. The Candela QuadraLASE offers both patients and practitioners performance, versatility and value—all in a fractional CO₂ laser.

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